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Weekly Photo Challenge : Object / Some of this and Some of that

Another challenge! Actually I am loving these now. The challenge asks for one picture. I am sending few. This time I am writing from my other blog which I normally use for writing….NRIscopic777. My earlier submissions were from simplyvegetarian777. Do check that out, if you get time!

My First 2 clicks : Abstract paintings that I made couple of years ago, using a genuine gold pen on hand made paper. The pattern is adapted from traditional Indian designs of clothing and art.



Another one is that of my Dried Flower Collection that I use as props when clicking my food and plating.


Two last ones are that of some authentic vehicles used in different countries and hung up in an international market for effects.



To know more about the challenge and explore some more amazing shots, click here

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Right Here, Right Now


Gaze around, the vast lands are lush
The heart is skipping a beat
This Moment and Life
Is right here, right now

Twinkling are the eyes, with dreams of sorts
The night sky is flaunting its fireworks at best
Twining of Stars and Sparkling of the universe
Is right here, right now

Stop! Listen! The songs of eternity
As been passed on through the thins of the nature
Humming of the Birds and Sheerness of the Air
Is right here, right now

Feel those restless ramblings now
Hear those escaping footsteps now
Searing of Me and the heat in You
Is right here, right now

Picture courtesy: The web collection online

Sending this entry for Daily writing challenge. For more info, click here