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Who am I ?

I have been labelled as a human, a woman, an Indian, a Hindu, or basically as somebody who has shape and form and has to be identified to put a tag on.

A tag? Is that what I am? A tag?

A readable label which tells my country of origin, my beliefs and non beliefs of a religion. A label which says that I am a human and have to abide by the rules of the society. A disclaimer that warns me of not breaking any “rules”. Rules of what? Rules in where? Rules? Really?

When I see such an uproar, discrimination, hatred and pity in the name of the labels, my heart cries. It cries because it questions Why do I have to be labelled, tagged or live with a warning. My blood is not thinner or thicker than any other. My emotions are not different from any other. My tears are not less saline than anybody else’s. Then how am I labelled. Then why am I labelled. How I am superior to anybody else or for that matter how am I inferior to anybody. I am not talking about humans alone here.

Aren’t we all souls here. A soul which is pure. A soul which doesn’t know any difference than the other. A soul which wanders without bias. A soul who is beyond any gender, religion, race or country.

I am a soul who wants to be free of tags and labels. A soul seeking for peace.

I wonder, can I ever live like a soul?