Desires, Thousands of them

Some unsaid
Some unheard
Some ignored
Some unseen
Thousands of them
Sit at the corner of my eyes
Waiting to be poured out

I was in the illusion
The desires were of the past
With each year
I learnt to look that is to be seen
I learnt to hear that is to be heard
I learnt to say that is to be said
I learnt to notice that is present

Why then
The desires still sit at the corner of my eyes
Waiting to be poured out
Ready to wander
To jump
To leap
To grasp
To hold

Can I desire now
Am I allowed to wander now
Is it okay to leap and jump
What if it slips from my hold
What if it breaks in my grasp

The mother of dreams
The land of Karma
The meaning of living
The truth of my being here

How do I let it go
Where should I hide it
What need do I have to have them

Can’t it be silent and quiet
Like now
They just knock at my heart
Make a roar
Steal my sleep and peace

Put me back on the vicious venomous circle of “want”

Let me close my eyes
May be the heart will stop listening
Let me turn around
May be I can ignore the thrashings

But they are desires
They will sit at the corner of my eyes
Ready to be poured out

Till I am there
My being is there
The desires are there
Knocking and Thrashing
Bringing me to life
Sometimes throwing me down
Sometimes pulling me up

Thousand of them