Memories are on a journey

Memories are on a journey.
Mind is flipping the pages and heart is trying to read them.
Eyes focused on few moments
The moment which made me laugh
The moment which made me cry
The moment which connected me to my own people
The moment which flew me away from them at the same time

So many reels running through
Some want to go slow, very slow
Some want to go fast, almost skip
Some want to stay in this moment
Some want to pretend that they never happened
Some make me proud
Some leave me ashamed
Some leave me guilty
Some want me to atone

The moments
The memories
Why so much thought on these
They are so I am
I am so they are
Making me who I am for good or bad
These moments….memories….are and will always be with me
To collect and keep them close
To ignore and throw them away
Will mark me
Will make me
Will mar me

Memories will always be on a journey with me


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