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My kids talk and they talk a lot

My kids talk
And they talk a lot

The minute they get up in the morning, they open their mouth and all the nightlings start falling out. Mom, Gu-moning mom…I saw a monster in my dreams….Mom, I played with the pink fairy and she came to my room last night.. My little one is on and on and on….

Not far behind my oldest is falling out of the stairs, rubbing her eyes and I love her..she is actually the noise maker. If she is not actually talking…she is making noise with some part of her body..the feet…the hmm…..the hands (curse the cup song by Anna Kendrick)…., the noise just doesn’t stop.

Talking about the cup song…. All my plastic bowls and glasses are in groups of 3-4 all over the house. Not only my older one…but the little one is hooked to making the cup song music.. Anna, why did you come up with this genius idea?…. I have to give in to listening the grand rehearsals of the girls..while my hands not very far from the ears…

Don’t get me wrong…I love them…they are my kids after all…. But I didn’t sign up for this torture..grr.

My kids Talk
And they talk a lot

The mornings are gone..playing, yelling…trying to win the first chance to blurt out their loud thoughts to mom…come evening…you will think that they are tired of talking…. well may be……but no mam.. They are tired and their talking is crying and complaining and cat snapping…. Sometimes, I see them approaching me…I duck down or go running in other direction….only to be followed and found and hound….. Well they are my kids after all… Doesn’t matter if I have already had an “earful” day. What if I am already tortured for the day…..that doesn’t count…it came with the mom badge.

My kids Talk
And they talk a lot

I wind them up and it’s night night time….at last… Few moments of peace and quiet…Ha!….. Disguise it is… They are fast asleep and I am getting ready for my time…. I hear the noises on the kids’ monitor…… Hey give it stupid … You are taking the body of my doll…it is dying here…. I go to my oldest’s room…she is blabbering in her sleep…. Throwing her arms..ready in hands on fight mode… I answer to her sleep talk… Pacify her and put her back to sleep…. Go back to my room…settle down….only to be moved by my little one this time..she is fighting with her big sister even in her sleep over the stuffed dragon they couldn’t share in the morning… I settle her down now…..and hurriedly go to my room and pray to fall deep asleep so that I don’t wake upto any more blabbering…. But I am a mother after all and they are my kids….my night is gone in sorting out their burning issues in their deep sleep..which in the morning are as burning as they were, an evening before…to be sorted out again…

My kids Talk
And they talk a lot.


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