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She stood there, at the busy intersection of this metro city. Confusion in the heart and wandering eyes, she couldn’t decide which way to go. Going back home was not an option so early. She was actually running away from all of it.

She turned right, thought she can kill some time, walking around the busy roads. At least an hour will be spend. As she lift her foot to turn to the desired direction, she was stopped by a hand on her shoulder. Amused, she turned her head and saw a man in his late 50’s. He was a stout, short and a bald man with no distinctive or noticeable feature.

I am making a film, he said and you are a perfect fit for the main protagonist. She is not glamorous and a simple Jane and looks just like you. He kept going on and on about this character, right there on the road.

She wanted to say, “leave me alone, I don’t know you. I just want to go”. She couldn’t say a word because he didn’t let her speak. It was the crowded part of the city. So many people but nobody is watching. She stood there hypnotized and kept listening to this man. He was a smooth talker for sure..the one who can hypnotize with words.

Before she realized, she was in a room with this man. He explained her the dialogues for the rehearsal. I cannot act and I am not an actress, is all that she managed to spit out. She started crying because she was overwhelmed with her problems. He calmed her like a child. He touched her in a way that she was numb.. She wanted to stop him..this man who was unknown, much senior, a hypnotist.. but couldn’t… He kept talking and talking smoothly and this girl couldn’t utter a word but kept crying of the pain ; of not being used right now ..but of the pain in her heart….

Suddenly, she came back to sense…she was confused as to why she was there… She pushed him away..not much harm was done till then.. She opened the door and ran out. He had the guts to follow her till the road. She glared back at him with a warning. He got it. The hypnotic spell was broken now.

She called for a cab and headed back home, still unable to figure out what happened, how it happened and why it happened..why her? Were there already less things to worry about that it added to the hidden skeletons in her cupboard.


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