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Sharing the burnt toast

When I was small, I was always curious about my mother’s plate. It seemed that she had the best in her plate. I would be fed and no more hungry but there was always a desire to have that one bite from my mother’s plate and have that same satisfaction as I see on my mother’s face when she eats her food.

She would often eat the last…making sure that all of us were well fed..warm and fresh food…
The family was huge, including 4 growing children with massive appetite, my dad, my grandparents who were quite demanding when it came to food, and 1or 2 uninvited guests most of the time. I don’t know how she did it and still does.

Her meal, some of the time was leftovers from the fresh meal and last meal…and if the chapati dough was over…she would eat her food with either dried toast or burnt toast..which actually got burnt because she got too tired to cook it properly for herself…and that burnt toast tempted me and I will always go to her for that one bite… Though she knew she might not make more for herself..she never refused me..and would give me one bite of that burnt toast to make me happy..that was my mom’s love.

No my mother is not poor…just too tired to take care of herself.

Now I am a mother of 2 kids. They adore me and love me. I am usually the last one to sit down for my meal and to be honest, I like it . I like to eat in the end..making sure that my family is well fed.
I clean up my kitchen, get the food on my plate and sit down to eat in peace. I still feed my girls sometimes together from the same plate :).. I like it..

My little one is done and not hungry any more. When I sit down for my dinner, she will surely come by to check my plate and have the bite of my burnt toast.

I see a trend here in sharing the burnt toast.


4 thoughts on “Sharing the burnt toast

  1. Sonal, going through your NRI-scopic for the first time. I love the way you look at life, your “……” posts, your paintings. You really are a lovely kind and wonderful human being and I am so glad I got to know you. Lots of love and hugs. 🙂

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