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Flying in my Dreams

There was this 6 to 7 feet tall “Mayurpankhi tree” (a type of cypress tree) in my maternal grandmother’s house. It always fascinated me….I still don’t know why but it was charismatic and a handsome tree…a home to garden chameleons and lot of small birds. Probably, that was fascinating to discover new beings under it and in it. It must have been 3 feet in diameter and I remember that all of us, when little…will go around and around it to play tag. That was the tree we would decorate as Christmas tree, around Christmas, with colorful strings and balloons. It gave us immense pleasure.

Since so many years, I dream of a same dream around it…… I do not understand the meaning of it… It’s correlation to anything in my adult life..but there has to be something..some connection…some relevance to my dream..

I often see myself trying to fly around that tree. I vision that I am sitting in meditating pose and chanting OM…..and suddenly, my body starts lifting from the ground and is going round and round that tree….the flight is so calming…like floating on the clouds… I feel that under my arms. Slowly, I start doing variations in my flying techniques…going high…going low…going side ways….just flowing with the wind…floating light in the meditative state…. I want to be like that and then the morning comes knocking at the door and I am on my bed….still feeling the lightness from the flight that I just had in my dreams.

There was a time when this dream was a staple in my sleep… It doesn’t happen that way now…but I still feel urge to fly….high and high…being myself…floating on the clouds.


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