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The story behind “777”

The story behind “777”

Have you ever wondered while visiting my blog, why 777? What does it mean?, weird huh?, who cares ?…. Lol ;))))

To be honest, I wanted to name the blog “simplyvegetarian” and when I started creating an account, that name was already taken…how naive of me…knock knock…it s a common name and most vegetarians would like to go with that name…simple and non creative….done..great?… Yeah right!!

I thought and thought and thought more….came up with a genius idea of making it fun and sound like James Bond. I should watch more James Bond movies but I am just not a fan of the series but the name is charming :)… Bond….James Bond 007… :))))).

I made a blunder again…..since I know not enough about Mr. bond…..the naive me typed simplyvegetarian777 in desperation… Without “googling” it….( I just wanted to get the damn registration done..period).

Believe me, I wanted to type simplyvegetarian007 and that would have been my blog’s name if I had done my homework right and probably would have become a James Bond in the kitchen…

You can imagine the plight of my dear husband when I told him that I have named my blog simplyvegetarian777 after the James Bond 777 series. He looked at me in dismay and confusion..and uttered…what about that? I was mad..really he doesn’t get the connection “777” as in James Bond “777”. I explained him…he was in laughing splits….rolling over…I was more mad…thinking, he doesn’t get it….husbands huh!… My husband loves me a lot and took the teaching moment in his hands…and educated me about the real James Bond “007”… I realized the blunder and was still defensive…(a smart wife never looses an argument)… I am laughing at it now while writing it :).

But, as Mr. God had planned for me.. He saved me.

Can you imagine James Bond in action, cooking in the kitchen? Well…….hmmmmm… That would have been chaotic and everybody getting hurt with the flying knives, over warm oven, flames firing from under the pans…and actually burnt food on the table…No fun…but adventures all the way and the result would still have sucked… Phew…I know somebody is watching over me…for big and small events in my life… it either making a choice between “777” or “007”.

Sonal @ simplyvegetarian”777″ and NRI-scopic777


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