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Life : A Journey

If the life fulfills all your dreams, without any noise, the journey is lost.
Some burning unfulfilled desires, keep you on the path to move on.

If the stars of the sky, touch the face of the earth; their heat will burn up the path.
The silent burning restlessness in my feet, it is; that keeps the zest of life alive.

The air is cold and dry. The fire burning afar is keeping me warm.
The warmth of the heat, it is; that keeps me awake to see the rising sun.

Let some dreams be unfulfilled, let some desires still burning.
Let the fire inside, take me through the journey of life.


It is the pathway, life is such
Passing every single crossroad, is the only way to get through.
The steps want to stop, the breath wants to stall… cannot be that hard…just for a few seconds..
But the roads are slippery, sliding fast.
There is no stop. There are no few minutes to stall.
Often I have thought, que sera sera….to stop, to breathe, to rest, to belong?
Every time, new water, new air, new people….make me forget who I am.
Life is flowing like a young river, and along floating is me…
Like a dry leaf in the autumn, a small pebble abyss river…
Past is long gone…… What will happen who knows……just want to stop and live now.


Photo: one of my paintings.


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