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Beth – Our First Neighbor to Welcome Us.

Did I mention that we have recently moved to Ohio, USA? Well, it’s been 10 days and we are still settling down. Most of the boxes are unpacked but the things in them haven’t found a place to rest..well that is a long process.

It’s a quiet and sweet, small neighborhood, where there is no thoroughfare and ends in 2 cul-de-sacs… Sweet! Smiling neighbors, most of them have been here for ever.

Did I say that we have been here since 10 days?… Nobody has yet shown up at the door to say hello… Can you believe it?…. I mean in small tight knit neighborhoods, people are knocking on the doors to say hello..isn’t it? You think, it’s me, the crazy and impatient one? Well, yeah right…may be it is me..the crazy one…the impatient one….but why wouldn’t I be?…I am new..I “need” to know the people…to get their doctors’ info know their plumbers, the painters, the cleaners, etc etc etc…the list is long..but for the most to know the best thai food joint, Chinese take out, and a good diner….food it is my friend, food it is !!

So, to my fortune, on this day today, our neighbor across the road, stopped by at 9:30 pm in the night with a “huge” platter of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. If it was a normal situation, I would have been furious but the door bell sounded like a rescue siren from loneliness at this point. I jumped up to open the door, but my daughters were faster and already hanging at the door to open it. They were desperate to see somebody else besides their parents.

I opened the door, and there was this sweet lady standing at the door in her early 50s may be, holding a huge platter. We greeted her warmly. I invited her a little in but my 2&1/2 year old daughter took her by hand to the family room which was a mess ( hello, we are still settling in)..and took over the conversation. I had to rescue Beth, since my preschooler thought that she was there to play with her. I guided her gently back to the kitchen and my husband and I started making small conversation with Beth and told my little one to wait for her turn to speak. Meanwhile, she opened the platter of cookies and gobbled quite a few…(I was getting worked up thinking about the outcome of so much sugar)…she came running and wiped her chocolate laden hands on my white T-shirt. Whoooa…I was not happy… Then she turned to Beth, said my turn and spit out the rudest few words : you need to go to your house…..what did she just say?….my 2&1/2 year old… A child of a very strict mother when it comes to social etiquettes… She just spoiled it….I pretended that it didn’t happen but my 9 year old hysterically repeated it…ouch!… I looked at my husband and then Beth….apologizing….sorry….

She was a sweet lady who got the hint but still gracious enough to smile and ignore… I am not sure if she will show up again…sigh… only neighbor who showed up in 10 days and now I am not sure :(….. Have to wait for another neighbor to show up now but not at 9:30 pm in the night.


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