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Being alone and wandering all your life is sometimes not the option but the only choice that you have. I am not complaining but stating a fact.

I come from a big family with big flamboyant background and loads of loudness and I loved every single minute of it while I had it, not realizing that it was there, only in that moment for me. But I had it heartful. It is all behind in past now. I relive it in memories only. The family I grew up with is far away…seven seas is the instance if I may quote.

I have a lovely family of my own, 2 lovely daughters and a great husband…but there is still emptiness.. The soul wants to belong somewhere..don’t know where though….but being an optimist that I am…I am looking forward to that place, that time, that moment…when it will be real and I will belong somewhere…

Right now I am a nomad..not a hippy one…quite urban in the sense..just scared to anchor anywhere that when I leave….then I do not leave my blood marks behind.

Photo clicked by me!


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