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The Road to my mom’s home

Relocation is forever taxing on you…

Well I am in the middle of a move…. It has taken my sleep away..I won’t write the appetite though.
Running errands, kids summer break, sorting, organizing, donating, making lists and top of that making sure that the kids do not undo what I have done already….sigh…it’s getting on my nerves!

Lately every evening, when I am driving back home after spending the whole day like a crazy lady…my mind and my heart starts to wander….trying to locate the house of my ma, at the end of every street…the house…my mom……

The heart longing for the warmth that my mom radiates, which is magic on my tired being…and my soul longing for that hot cup of ginger tea..sipping in the peace…just 2 minutes of that… Not asking more..will go back to my house..go back to packing, and the whole madness readily…only if I can stop by for a cup of tea at my ma’s house….

Oh dear road…..will you take me to my mom’s house this time?


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