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Making a Phone Call to the “Loved Ones”

All my immediate family and my husband’ far away in India. It’s been over a decade that we have made the states our home, but the protocol hasn’t changed… might wonder, what protocol?… Well the protocol of making a phone call to the “loved ones”.…they can call us…but they are busy…may be too busy….or may be we are too desperate to be “in touch” that we don’t give them enough chance to call…and come the husband is dialing the folks on “his side” to stay in touch…they never call him besides the birthday and anniversary…. Not even a missed call…sigh! I look at my husband and wonder,”does he feel it…well I know I do”… The woman in me gets “notorious” sometimes and try to pull him down in the emotions…but him being a typical man….” I don’t feel it..I have blocked that part in me”…. Really..can you block it….please teach me…please please please…well that is my mind, echoing. I have become better with time though..but that has taken the spice out of my life…

Well that is my husband’s story..

What is mine?… You really want to know?….my mom….my mom…my mom… She leaves me a missed call and when I don’t call her back after that missed call….she calls me..little loud(er) with anxiety…and says, ” I gave you a missed call…you didn’t call me back “… Mo’m….I didn’t call you because I was busy…okay put your phone down…I am calling you back right now……I am calling and calling…she is not picking up the phone..I am mad and in desperation call on my dad’s mobile…..he picks up….I shoot…where is mom?…. My dad: why…didn’t you get through mom’s number?……well ya, I think in my head and rolling my eyes..( I would never do that if he is standing in front of me..he is my dad and I respect him a lot)…. My dad hands over the phone to my mom……. I shoot again,” mom where were you..didn’t I say I am calling you back”.. Oh my phone got discharged and I knew you would call on dad’s cell anyways….so why didn’t you call?….

Well that’s just a part of my story….

Disclaimer : Only the ilk like NRIs(non resident Indians), NRAs(non resident Asians), or for that matter any non residents…only they are responsible to make a call to the “loved ones”. If you are expecting your loved ones to call are a fool…just grow up and out of the whole “expectations” hole.


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