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A Leprechaun in the house


The other day, I was looking for my socks. I was very sure that I had brought them downstairs with me from my bedroom. They were brown and pink stripes. I had grabbed them out of my socks basket and placed them at the kitchen counter. My little one called me and I turned around to reply her. Then I turned back to put the socks on and they were gone. I looked everywhere, came back to my room to get another pair………can you believe it??…. The brown and pink stripe socks were on my bed..staring at me.

I would like to believe that I was hallucinating…crazy days…kids….non ending chores list…my mind was playing games with me…ha!

Was I scared? Well ya! I was scared with the thought of somebody playing the trick..who can that be?… The bigger question was, “who should I share it with?”….I needed to let that out with the chance of bring heard and believed instead of being dismissed in vain.

The socks is not the only incident. Sometimes, I find my keys elsewhere….sometimes the books are at the other place..

I would still like to believe that it’s my mind playing games and not some crazy leprechaun who just forgot to go back home after St. Patrick’s day. If he stayed back, I am sure his pot has lot of my missing items…like my missing ear ring, lot of socks (not pairs but just one sock of the twos), the wine bottle stopper which I am sure I had placed in the china in my dining room and now it’s gone, my favorite hat………..

Note: The above picture is an original sketch by me.


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