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A Deja-vu slide show

Yet again, another move! A 9th one roughly in last 12 years. Time is closing by and sleep is a diminished entity.

I finally started packing this past weekend….general stuff like sorting, organizing, making bags for donations etc. It was not long ago, may be just an year and a half, I was doing something similar in Texas. I picked an empty box to store some colors and stationary, it struck me..didn’t I just do it sometime ago…was it Texas…Pennsylvania…where?…all the study rooms in all my previous houses…started dancing in my head and I was at a junction of dual or may be triple Deja-vu. It was nauseating. I stopped, came out and had a glass of water to come back in reality.

I was driving down the Coolidge here in Michigan, listening to some song on the radio… I lost it for a fraction of second..I was in full spirit driving on Rte. 121 in Frisco, Texas as well as Rte 4 in Delaware at the same time. It was a momentary flash and I blinked hard..I was still on Coolidge, at the red light of Coolidge and Wattles.

You might read and think crazy her…. But Deja-vu doesn’t come with a warning. It comes to me with multi dimension and leaves me wandering down all the memory lanes together!


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