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The Connection


The Halloween Connection : It was Autumn. Fall is the time to have some fun with all the darkness, skeletons, ghouls and witches during Halloween. It was really sweet of our next door neighbors to invite us also, to their “THE” halloween party. We dressed up as a couple of witch and wizard and went to the party. It was awesome with the spider webs hanging, bloody hands dipped in the punch bowl, meatballs in the bloody sauce. The ambience was perfect given the background music and few lights. The neighbors started mingling and getting to warm up. A neighbor approached me and after the basic introduction, asked me “so are you a Hindu (religion)”? I nodded, yes. He started sharing his college days with me where he studied religion for a semester and studied about hinduism in detail. I was in dismay thinking to myself, “I am at a halloween party, dressed up like a witch, drinking the bloody punch. Dude, seriously! you want to discuss “hinduism” with me. No way, I want to talk about my number of halloweens spent here in the states and feel like a witch tonight.” Well I get it that the eagerness to connect leads one to choose a topic of conversation but I am done with it. Religion? Really on Halloween night?? Bring it on at the “book club” meeting or a serious inter-cultural/religious convention and I will come prepared. But not tonight, let me soak in the spookiness of the pseudo right now.
Note: Seriously, don’t discuss anything else on halloween besides witches, ghosts, wizards, the squeaking rats, the hanging bats, the tangly spider webs and definitely the bloody hands dipped in the punch bowl.

The Last Name Connection : I was checking in for a flight when asked by the security, “Oh Gupta, I know this last name. Is it Dr. Sanjay Gupta? Are you related to him”. “No sir”, I replied smilingly. Another time,I met another parent at one of my kid’s dance classes and told my name. “Ah! so you are in Dr. Gupta’s family’. “Not at all”, I smiled again. It is a routine question now and a same pleasant nod in “no”. I respect Dr. Sanjay Gupta a lot for his achievements and body of work, but man, he has spoiled my chance of being an independent “Gupta”. Please stop the connection.
Note: All the Guptas are not related to Dr. Sanjay Gupta and it is okay!

The Big Bang Theory Connection : I started taking my little one to Gymboree (a gym,art and music program). It was the first day and the coach was very friendly, trying to strike a conversation with all the new moms. It was my turn, I looked different in my ethnicity with brown skin and black hair. she asked, “do you watch big bang theory on TV?” I said, “yes”. Oh my God! happy was the word that struck her. (Big Bang Theory is a sitcom on the TV with 4 geeky friends and one of them is Indian). She could now relate to me through the Indian character in Big Bang theory….I was still confused why and how.. Apparently, Raj, the Indian character talks with his parents in India through “skype” and in a heavy accent, which is soooo made up and over rated. I agree, I have an accent but you are not a “foreigner”, if you don’t have one..that is the belief, I grew up with….no kidding! The coach told me that now her children are away and busy….she thinks she will catch up with them like Raj’s parents do with him. Yay..good for you! I get the connection.
Note : All the Indians are not geeky. All the Indians do not talk to their parents in India through “skype”. Thanks Kunal Nayar, the Raj, for help.

The Indian Connection : Whenever I meet another Indian in States, after hello the quick question is, “so where are you from?”….From India, I would want to shout out but I know they are trying to get the regional connection. It is huge with us Indians…very important to know the birth state of the fellow indian and the current residence in India. Birth state is important so that we can practice our language and the current sate of residence is important for quite good reasons. If you live in the same city as theirs in India…God can only save you, when you are planning a trip back home to meet the folks. Your friend/acquaintance will have their “small” doggy bags ready to be delivered through you to their folks….Get it?…Oh come on…the gas prices have come down, but the airlines are charging the same high rates for extra luggage which they started 5 years ago and have reduced the number of bags as well as the weight per bag….Can you say no?….can but don’t….it is the connection of “who knows who”…and you will be “the talk” of the inner circle.
Note : God knows how much I dislike this “inner circle”, that’s why he has made my life “nomadic”..Don’t stay at a place for long enough!

TAG : The picture above is my original work and not copied.


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