A Tale of All the Cities


I have always wondered as to why people are not “just people”…. I mean who they are as a person?

Why people always carry a “tag” of “from where they are?” Okay, I get it….The city you are raised in, sets a tone for the other person to treat you as “…”.

In India, I have seen this “tag” of being a North Indian versus a South Indian; A Delhi-ite versus a Mumbai-kar; A Tamil versus Kannad; A Bengali versus Rest of the Indians (yes you read it right, that’s “true”: a Bengali versus the Rest of the Indians).

The Fun[ny] part is everybody thinks that they are superior….(Indians who are reading it will totally agree).

In the midst of all this madness, a small town girl like me, who grew up in different cities often can see the “larger than life” scenario of these “tags”….. Which is quite “SHUNYA”(zero) in real sense. The reasons are many and the words will fall short!

One incident is recent. After shopping at a mall, i was standing in the line to pay in a Delhi Mall. There was this family who was talking to each other in pure “Bihari”( language spoken in the state of Bihar, India). There were 2 ladies standing behind them who looked from urban Delhi, they commented to each other (but loud enough)….”.look at these Biharis…shopping in Delhi mall”……

A point was made of the superiority. I was shocked since I was visiting India after a long time….but nothing has changed…,same this versus that..

NOTE: Don’t you love the use of dotted lines like these…………..When typing :).

When I landed in USA, The United States of America, I thought wow finally……. one country where everybody looks the same and have same holidays, same choices, same way of living and probably free of “tags”… Though that was an innocent assumption made on my part, being new… Pardon me for being Naive!!

I have lived in lot of states and cities of America, in a short span of 12 years.

Let’s see : Pennsylvania, Delaware, Tennessee, Texas, Michigan and Ohio..and if I am allowed, then squeeze in UK (united Kingdom) somewhere in the middle there!

Life had been good and blessed and I have traveled extensively.

The northern and north eastern states have houses with basements versus southern states have no basement but they have “game rooms”. The UK houses…don’t even ask..just “enough to live” sizes and the bathrooms….you wonder where to bathe and where to “you know..”

The New Yorkers have this financial district affair look versus the Washington district’s white collar aura, the Texas people are just like “Bengalis”….as I mentioned above….yes…Texas versus rest of the people in the states.

I remember this incident very clearly: we were moving to Texas from Pennsylvania, trying to zero down a house to call home. It was hard since the mindset was very “north eastern” and we were looking something similar. I mentioned it to our real estate agent, “Gosh Molly! It is hard. The house here are so different. I don’t know what to expect and how it will fit”. She vividly said with a head jerk, ” oh these northerners don’t know how to build the houses….their houses don’t make any sense and blah blah blah”.

I got it…the one up-man ship is beyond the expression of “just words”.

Again I being behind the wheel every few years, have been able to see the same thing….it pours down to “ZERO” (SHUNYA).

People are people…. With the same gene pool where action and reaction equation remains the same…Be it anywhere…. Be it any city…

Every few miles, the water changes, the food changes, the dialect/slang changes and then this “atti(dude)” changes.

Be it Delhi or Washington D C…..
Be it Bombay or New York……
Be it a Bengali or a Texan…
Be it Southern India or Southern states of USA…
It’s the same tale in all the cities!

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