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My Hippy 2 and 1/2 years old

My second born is a hippy girl. And what a hands full hippy she is!

This kid is still forming her vocabulary but having an older sister, makes it easier for her, (that would be a given thought)…on the basis of the kind of vocabulary building that is going on… With stinky, fart, etc etc etc etc. No kidding..with the melted chocolate voice and garbled words.. She can have a conversation in full swing.

The other day, there was this advertisement on the TV where the model was bungee jumping. I turned my head and to the shock of my life..she was on the top of the sofa ready to binge in the jump! I yelled loud which scared her and she got down and gave me that big pout and cringed eyes unhappy look.
Disclaimer: I love my kids and yell often to keep them safe from far.

My darling husband was showing her the rabbit in our backyard, she slid open the door and got ready to take off. Poor Dad of this toddler in dismay, asked, “where are you off to?”..she was half way to the yard already by then. She yelled back, “I want to catch the rabbit and eat it.”.. OUCH!! I turned my head and rolled the eyes at my husband because apparently he was joking with her earlier about eating a rabbit.
Disclaimer: we don’t eat rabbits and certainly not from our backyard.

The other day, my older “the saint” daughter(9 yrs old) had her best friend over for a play date. In their wild moment, they drew lines all over their faces with markers and played “the tribal”. That’s fine.. I get it : they are kids and they want to “express” themselves through “creative art”.. But Body Art?? Really??

That was not the end of it.. Since that day, my 2 and half yrs old thinks that it is okay to draw with the markers…but on your own body and not the paper. Every time, the little one is quiet.. I find her sitting with a marker and decorating her body : face, legs, arms, tummy.. I won’t be surprised if she comes back with a “Tattoo” when grown up.
Disclaimer: I have no problem with tattoos or the people with tattoos. I think that they are very courageous. I am more of “Henna Tattoo” person. You know the types : A new tattoo every time;)).

Sonal Gupta


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