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The Road to my mom’s home

Relocation is forever taxing on you…

Well I am in the middle of a move…. It has taken my sleep away..I won’t write the appetite though.
Running errands, kids summer break, sorting, organizing, donating, making lists and top of that making sure that the kids do not undo what I have done already….sigh…it’s getting on my nerves!

Lately every evening, when I am driving back home after spending the whole day like a crazy lady…my mind and my heart starts to wander….trying to locate the house of my ma, at the end of every street…the house…my mom……

The heart longing for the warmth that my mom radiates, which is magic on my tired being…and my soul longing for that hot cup of ginger tea..sipping in the peace…just 2 minutes of that… Not asking more..will go back to my house..go back to packing, and the whole madness readily…only if I can stop by for a cup of tea at my ma’s house….

Oh dear road…..will you take me to my mom’s house this time?

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Making a Phone Call to the “Loved Ones”

All my immediate family and my husband’ far away in India. It’s been over a decade that we have made the states our home, but the protocol hasn’t changed… might wonder, what protocol?… Well the protocol of making a phone call to the “loved ones”.…they can call us…but they are busy…may be too busy….or may be we are too desperate to be “in touch” that we don’t give them enough chance to call…and come the husband is dialing the folks on “his side” to stay in touch…they never call him besides the birthday and anniversary…. Not even a missed call…sigh! I look at my husband and wonder,”does he feel it…well I know I do”… The woman in me gets “notorious” sometimes and try to pull him down in the emotions…but him being a typical man….” I don’t feel it..I have blocked that part in me”…. Really..can you block it….please teach me…please please please…well that is my mind, echoing. I have become better with time though..but that has taken the spice out of my life…

Well that is my husband’s story..

What is mine?… You really want to know?….my mom….my mom…my mom… She leaves me a missed call and when I don’t call her back after that missed call….she calls me..little loud(er) with anxiety…and says, ” I gave you a missed call…you didn’t call me back “… Mo’m….I didn’t call you because I was busy…okay put your phone down…I am calling you back right now……I am calling and calling…she is not picking up the phone..I am mad and in desperation call on my dad’s mobile…..he picks up….I shoot…where is mom?…. My dad: why…didn’t you get through mom’s number?……well ya, I think in my head and rolling my eyes..( I would never do that if he is standing in front of me..he is my dad and I respect him a lot)…. My dad hands over the phone to my mom……. I shoot again,” mom where were you..didn’t I say I am calling you back”.. Oh my phone got discharged and I knew you would call on dad’s cell anyways….so why didn’t you call?….

Well that’s just a part of my story….

Disclaimer : Only the ilk like NRIs(non resident Indians), NRAs(non resident Asians), or for that matter any non residents…only they are responsible to make a call to the “loved ones”. If you are expecting your loved ones to call are a fool…just grow up and out of the whole “expectations” hole.

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The Dance [ing] Moms

I don’t understand the hype about the “Soccer moms” and the “Hockey moms”(thanks to Sarah Palin). What about the “Dance moms”?…..See sounds new..doesn’t ring a bell…right?..Well that’s because…it’s just dance moms….so under-rated..seriously!

I have met the soccer moms who carry the badge so proudly..that you feel small…..
Soccer mom : so what sport does your child do?
Me : aaaaaahem…..HIP HOP :)))……
Soccer mom : cute is that? in ballet shoes and frilly tutus..
I am thinking in my head…did she even hear? I said HIP HOP and NOT BALLET…the ilks of the soccer clan…..

Hockey mom : I have to pick up my son early from the school today..he has a hockey match later in the noon.
Me : Wonderful..isn’t field hockey fun?( I was trying to connect with her since I played field hockey in my college days…..loooong time ago).
She actually looked at me with a horrified look and quietly replied, “actually, ice hockey..” and left.
How did I know that field hockey is obsolete now and ice hockey is the “in” thing…Especially, up north here…ice hockey is “the” game.

But my question is still the same…why hype it?….
Has anyone ever captured the emotion of a Dance mom ever?….What we go through?…a rage of emotions..rolling high and higher…on rehearsals and recital days.

It was the rehearsal day..yes we have rehearsals besides the regular classes..and if your kid is performing in more than one got to help the dance mom in carrying all the costumes through the corridors…the extra makeup kit..the extra hair do kit…shoes…and no wonder they always have family, friends, neighbors walking with them in the corridors…you just can’t do without it..moms sweat outside the dressing room making sure that their lovely dancers are dressed for the performance..touching up the makeup…the smog of hair spray haunts that place.

Besides that…these dance performances have a full step by step guideline of makeup “application” on the dancer..given to the moms…I spent like 80 dollars on the make up…i never would do that for myself…but now i have abundant make up (thanks to the dance studio)…I started applying the makeup on my 9 year old…”following the guidelines” and she moved…OMG…she moved and the liner was on her already blushed cheek..I was running out of time…had to do her hair also…..that was my last minute warning war zone…”don’t move or else…….don’t move or no dance…you moved now you lost the playdate…okay I am not taking you now”…..My blood pressure was off the window..sweat itching my eyebrows…my eyes were tired of focusing on small little face….where to apply what…she is still a baby…my daughter stood there frozen…

After she was ready, I told her… know sweetheart I am sorry for being mean…but next year, think about joining a sport like soccer, hockey or basketball…where I will come to see the performance and you can sweat as much as you want and get dirty and I will not bother…

On the actual Recital day, there was a whole different scene in the corridors of the auditorium. There were people behind the tables, selling flower bouquets to be presented to your dancers…a small bouquet of 5 flowers for 10 dollars…can you believe it?? I had to buy one..because i realized that i was the only one who didn’t have it..Tricks of the trade.huh!

The recital started..after few performances, dads started walking out…somebody had an excuse of their baby crying too much….some had to use the restroom and then hung out in the corridors and didn’t come back till the end..some were busy checking their mails and replying to the “important” ones….I bet they would have looked for the answers when their dancers would have asked specific questions…(giggling at thinking of the plight of those dads).. But there were some dads who actually enjoyed the performances and then some, who did participate in the daddy daughter dance…which was a finale performance…that was sweeeet!!!! Moms went crazy with emotion at that one….tears…sighs….appplauds……and then screams at the end…

Now tell me, is the life of a dance mom any easier?? Then why hype about others only ;).

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A Deja-vu slide show

Yet again, another move! A 9th one roughly in last 12 years. Time is closing by and sleep is a diminished entity.

I finally started packing this past weekend….general stuff like sorting, organizing, making bags for donations etc. It was not long ago, may be just an year and a half, I was doing something similar in Texas. I picked an empty box to store some colors and stationary, it struck me..didn’t I just do it sometime ago…was it Texas…Pennsylvania…where?…all the study rooms in all my previous houses…started dancing in my head and I was at a junction of dual or may be triple Deja-vu. It was nauseating. I stopped, came out and had a glass of water to come back in reality.

I was driving down the Coolidge here in Michigan, listening to some song on the radio… I lost it for a fraction of second..I was in full spirit driving on Rte. 121 in Frisco, Texas as well as Rte 4 in Delaware at the same time. It was a momentary flash and I blinked hard..I was still on Coolidge, at the red light of Coolidge and Wattles.

You might read and think crazy her…. But Deja-vu doesn’t come with a warning. It comes to me with multi dimension and leaves me wandering down all the memory lanes together!

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A Leprechaun in the house


The other day, I was looking for my socks. I was very sure that I had brought them downstairs with me from my bedroom. They were brown and pink stripes. I had grabbed them out of my socks basket and placed them at the kitchen counter. My little one called me and I turned around to reply her. Then I turned back to put the socks on and they were gone. I looked everywhere, came back to my room to get another pair………can you believe it??…. The brown and pink stripe socks were on my bed..staring at me.

I would like to believe that I was hallucinating…crazy days…kids….non ending chores list…my mind was playing games with me…ha!

Was I scared? Well ya! I was scared with the thought of somebody playing the trick..who can that be?… The bigger question was, “who should I share it with?”….I needed to let that out with the chance of bring heard and believed instead of being dismissed in vain.

The socks is not the only incident. Sometimes, I find my keys elsewhere….sometimes the books are at the other place..

I would still like to believe that it’s my mind playing games and not some crazy leprechaun who just forgot to go back home after St. Patrick’s day. If he stayed back, I am sure his pot has lot of my missing items…like my missing ear ring, lot of socks (not pairs but just one sock of the twos), the wine bottle stopper which I am sure I had placed in the china in my dining room and now it’s gone, my favorite hat………..

Note: The above picture is an original sketch by me.

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A Glass of Wine


Sometimes, it is just one glass of wine which cures the aches of the kinds.

The day was long, running errands..recitals, heels, kids and the list is on…. And then it was that glass of wine which cured the aches of the kinds.

It was emotional, homesick, remembering the ones that are gone and missing the ones that are away… And then it was that glass of wine which cured the aches of the kinds.

The words were silent, the mind couldn’t think, the record playing the soft saxophone in the background was working the magic slowly… And then it was that glass of the wine that cured the aches of the kinds.

There are few times when I don’t want to share, there are few moments which are just mine, there are few stars who gaze down just upon me… I absorb the richness at that point… And then it is that glass of wine which cures the aches of the kinds..

Just one glass of wine!!