NRI-scopic Tales

NRI-scopic Tales!

Yep! I am an NRI and I am scopic.
What?? You don’t know NRI??…it means a Non Resident Indian. Sounds funny, huh!

Okay, scopic??… Well when there is microscopic, kaleidoscopic, this scopic and that scopic..then why not NRI-scopic?? ( please stop showing me the red dotted line under scopic, you auto check.. It’s not funny at all).

Well, relating “scopic” to a perspective, thought process, opinion formation, observation, etc etc..well NO JUDGEMENTS made(will try to;)).

Don’t mind the strangers, but my spoken English is grammatically apt, but if you don’t get it.. It’s the accent’s fault and not mine , OR, may be its the perfectly used grammar with right choice of Verbs and tenses.. Which is confusing you ;)). OUCH, sorry!! Didn’t mean to hurt your feelings!

And I thought I spoke very good ENGLISH.

Many a times, my friends and acquaintances would compliment me for my English and that is really nice but I can sense the curiosity behind the compliments: How?? How?? How??
( really yelling silently behind the wide smiles and that look). And I go over the rehearsed small speech again: my mother was particular, english is main language of communication( well in a country where language changes every 10 km, how else will you communicate, duh!), grew up going to catholic school, shared the boarding corridors with Italian nuns who spoke good English, gave so many exams since kindergarten to flourish in English.. Etc etc etc.phew!!

And now live in a country where language is not a problem but terminology is.. Have to discuss those funny incidents in another post.

Besides all the madness and adjustments, this is home, where teaching some and learning some is a way of life:).


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